Making Prerecorded Lessons with Microsoft PowerPoint for Online Music Teaching

Samantha Foss
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Consider using Microsoft PowerPoint to produce prerecorded lessons that can be readily downloaded and played in PowerPoint if you want to make an online lesson on the topic of music. We’ll go over some of the fundamentals of how to achieve this in this article, along with some pointers and shortcuts you can use to speed up the procedure. With the help of these suggestions, you can quickly and easily construct classes for students that they can access online and listen to while relaxing in their own homes.

Try using Microsoft PowerPoint if you’re seeking for a technique to make your presentation more interactive. Templates, visual cues, and other tools are provided by the application to help you make an interesting presentation.

Your presentation can include text, photos, videos, and other multimedia. Links, charts, and tables may also be present in some presentations. You can organize information with the use of these functions.

Making video lectures with PowerPoint is quite effective. Using an external webcam or the built-in features, you can record your lesson. Testing the program before starting to record your presentation is a smart idea.

When your presentation has been recorded, you can export it as a video and post it on YouTube. Sharing your knowledge in this way can be a really effective approach to do so. However, it would be beneficial if you were cautious about the audio and video quality. Test your presentation using a lip balm or some water to clean your mouth before going live.

Inserting a YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation provides an additional choice. To do this, select the Insert tab from the top navigation bar. Click the “Insert” button after choosing the movie from your file. You can alter the presentation once the video has been added by including borders, video effects, and other features.

A built-in feature of Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to record your presentations in both audio and video. Additionally, it’s a terrific method to include multimedia elements on your slides, such as animations, charts, links, and photographs. Making a quality video, however, takes time.

The procedures below can be used to audio and video record a PowerPoint presentation. Ensure your computer’s microphone is functional before you start recording. You should also test the arrow and sound buttons.

You should rehearse giving some presentations before starting your recording for the best results. You’ll learn how to use the different features of program by practicing.

You can save your presentation as a file once you’ve completed recording. You can upload it to a website like YouTube or Microsoft Stream if you need to share it with others.

You can also incorporate a YouTube or SlideShare video into your PowerPoint presentation. Use a screen recorder instead of adding a video from an online source to avoid ad pop-ups and loading delays.

You will be sent to a record window when you begin your recording. There is a runtime counter in this window.

There are several ways to construct a prerecorded course using Microsoft PowerPoint. You can record a slide show, video, or a combination of the two. It does not, however, provide many robust editing features. As a result, before utilizing it, you should do some investigation.

Using the Camtasia program is one way to include video in your presentation. From the Microsoft Office support page, you can download it without charge. The PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar can also be used to install this program.

Utilizing Flipgrid is an additional choice. You can use YouTube videos in your presentation. You may be able to add closed captioning to your video clip, depending on the platform you use.

It is advisable to practice before you record a PowerPoint presentation. You can then enhance the display as a result. Additionally, you ought to refrain from reading directly from your slides. You can accomplish this by practicing your speech and editing out any errors.

You can begin recording once you have a clear notion of what you want to say. By launching the Recording pane in PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, you may begin recording.

You can pause a recording once it has started by pressing the pause button. The audio and visual settings can also be changed.



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